The Water’s Edge by Luke Ritchie


The Water’s Edge by Luke Ritchie

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A debut of thoughtful, sad and romantic songs, two years in the making, by the British singer-songwriter. His voice is reminiscent of Guy Garvey of Elbow but the song lyrics have more of a folksy sentimentality, especially on tracks like Shanty. This is the album to play if you’re entertaining a special date at home and then all subsequent re-plays will feel poignant and nostalgic. Even slightly funkier tracks like Cover it up are all pent up with doubts and fears and redemption, making it more than the sum of its parts. It is a beautiful album and while the lyrics aren’t particularly original, the arrangements give them a feel unique to Ritchie. One of the best here is Butterfly, a well-written jaunty elegy to the cruelty in the modern sensibility. ‘Sometimes I fear I can’t handle this, the pace and scale of remorselessness’ being a well-crafted sample lyric. Highly recommended. TA

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