The Alchemist

An icon of popular culture and still working at the musical frontiers, Peter Gabriel continues to have the Midas touch wherever he lays his hands. Founder of the WOMAD music festivals,enthusiastic supporter of humanitarian projects and with a growing family to bring up, he is the most earthly of men. Kate Osborne uncovers a vibrant, creative and compassionate soul. Why is Kindred Spirit devoting a feature to a hugely successful commercial talent from the music industry, you may ask. Well, if this helps to awaken wisdom in those seeking enlightenment, so much the better. The main reason why I am delighted to include Peter Gabriel in this issue, money and influence where his mouth is, Peter is the perfect example of the ‘new energy’ – the next wave of wisdom where a fusion of modern technology and ancient teachings brings those he touches just a little closer to happiness. If nothing else it is a sign of hope that ‘source’ can empower all manner of men and women often going where angels themselves fear to tread.


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