Schumacher College 2016 Courses!

Restore and Connect: Schumacher College Winter Week

15/02/2016 to 19/02/2016

With visiting teachers Rupert Sheldrake, Jonathan Horwitz, Zara Waldebäck, Stephan Harding and Jonathan Dawson | Come and join the Schumacher College community for a week in this dark time of year when we tell stories round the fire, knit with new friends, tend the gardens in preparation for spring, share the cooking and eating of our favourite winter fare and enjoy good company and conversation. Read More…

Shamanism, Peace and Power

07/03/2016 to 11/03/2016

With Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldeback | Explore the dance of peace and power and what the relationship between the two has to offer us from a shamanic perspective – using drum journeying, meditation, singing and working in nature. Read More…

Stories of the Earth – listening, creating, connecting

20/03/2016 to 24/03/2016

With Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebäck | The course will begin on the day of the Spring Equinox, and during the first evening we will celebrate this turning point of the year together. It is a time of balance, with day and night as equals, and new life about to begin. By opening ourselves to the rhythms of nature, we welcome this springtime energy to inspire our work and ask that creation in Nature combine with the the creation of Story. Read More…

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