Reflexology – great under pressure

This ‘hands on’ treatment has made one of the biggest leaps into mainstream health over the last two decades of all complementary therapies. We pay tribute to Ann Gillanders MBSR, author and founder of the British School of Reflexology, whose life today is a testament to her work. We look to explain why the wide use of reflexology is critical if we are to live well and become less reliant on pharmaceutical drugs. What do Heathrow Airport and Reflexology have in common? Well, imagine the airport and its surrounding airspace to be a living entity, a body if you will, with the air traffic control centre keeping the body ‘well’, functioning properly under all manners of stress. The air traffic control centre also and most importantly acts as an early warning system for potential problems and gives an overview allowing ‘hot spots’ to be quickly located and dealt with. Now, think of Reflexology as the intelligence and energy supply to our own air traffic control centre – the feet. Reflexology is a natural healing art. It is used by applying pressure to minute points in the feet, working with qi, through the nerve pathways, which creates a stimulating effect in corresponding areas throughout the whole body, often locating and preventing real physical and emotional unbalances thus avoiding any fatal ‘mid-air collisions’.

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