PISCES Feb 18 – Mar 20


A significant event, or perhaps your own deep desire for change, may cause you to wonder whether loyalty to certain friends or groups is holding you back from more meaningful experiences. You can
gain respect and broaden your horizons by taking a stand for your own beliefs and interests if you present your case honestly, for you now have the creative power to find the right words. Conversely,
acting on barely uncontrollable frustration, or repressing it but creating a poisonous atmosphere, could leave you isolated or unwell.


Most of the first half provides a boost where your public persona and daily routines are concerned.
Though you’re still probably unsure of just what your real direction and achievements in life are, this time of clear, optimistic thinking can help you intuit future possibilities and make new contacts. The
risk is you could simply be buoyed along by the feel-good factor, letting this time pass without making the effort to take advantage of it. You may therefore benefit from grittier, less indulgent influences in
the second half.

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Solar chart readings are unavoidably general, being based on the minute the Sun, only one planet of eleven used, enters a new sign.

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