PISCES Feb 18 – Mar 20

Initially, you may feel ineffective when trying to assert yourself and that you’ve somehow lost direction. On 12th, you’re more ready for action as your motivation returns, but could meet resistance at work, especially if you let irritability get the better of you but try to repress it. The following days require you to accommodate contradictory forces, one ego-driven and the other ego-denying: patience, taking things slowly and devoting your efforts to a greater cause than your own interests are the best way to handle them.

This month, it’s especially easy for you to hold up a mirror to others, showing them aspects of themselves they may or may not recognise. Like a chameleon, you currently have a range of ‘colours’ to choose from as you move from persona to persona, but other people are often likely to see you as selfless, self-sacrificing, inspiring compassion and on a sacred quest. Your guises are infused with imagination and empathy yet can lack boundaries, so watch out for a tendency to escapism and acting
the victim.

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