Living Lightly on the Earth….

When Dawn Eagle Woman brings her transformational healing work to the UK she leaves behind a major eco building project. Following a spirit-guided endeavour to live in harmony with nature, in accordance with Native American tradition, Dawn Eagle and her husband Brian White are building a house from recycled materials, powered only by nature, in her native Wyoming, high in the mountains between Laramie and Cheyenne. A gifted healer, drawing on her own deep spiritual experience, from shamanic healing to psychoanalytic theory, to weave a profound alchemical magic, Dawn Eagle Woman’s own journey is remarkable. Born with healing gifts, as a child she communicated telepathically with her quadriplegic father, unaware how unusual this was, and as a young adult struggled to manage her psychic abilities. At 25, she nearly died in childbirth, returning to her body with an awakened knowledge of life and death. From then on she could ‘see’ with her hands, which were ‘activated’ for healing.  ‘Within the sanctity of a session, my hands can detect any disturbances or irregularities, physical or otherwise. This is one of the gifts I returned with and now use to ease pain or to restore well-being,’ she explains. This gift has been honed by 35 years of study. She studied fine art, and has taught belly dancing and sculpture. Confirmed a Lutheran, she’s found mindfulness with the Buddha, she’s danced with Sufis, done ritual with shamans, and has been given two Native American names: Dawn Eagle Woman (Sioux) and White Eagle (Hopi). Guided by the creative spirit, Dawn Eagle draws on a spectrum of traditions during a healing session.

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