Lands of Light

In her travels, Sandra Straw has always felt the sacred feminine energy most powerfully in the South American countries working with the indigenous peoples of Mexico, Peru and Chile. Here, we can discover great teachings of wise ones and the natural laws. They continue to teach us as Moses and many great prophets have done down through the ages, that there is a ‘Spiritual Code’ for our existence. It is in these lands that the great initiators of the future will emerge. Enjoy Sandra’s account of her illuminating voyage through this wonderful continent. This journey begins with the heart activation. So many of us have either been hurt and fearful in either this or past lifetimes and we have remained closed, so facilitating the awakening of a loved soul is a great privilege. To see the joy and the sense of freedom that occurs in these portals and countries of timelessness is warming indeed as each soul begins to recognise their true self and their higher purpose for this lifetime and humanity’s future. As we open our hearts we are able to also let go of anything that no longer serves us and can then move forward. Renewing our sense of purpose for this lifetime at this time will help us through the chaotic times we see all around us and frees us so we can move in an awakened state of consciousness as we become children of the Light once more. This ‘Consciousness Shift’ is occurring very rapidly now within each of us as we accelerate in time to the true entry into the ‘Aquarian Age’. All indigenous peoples know about these ‘End Times’. This is not the time of the extinction of mankind. We are not ascending anywhere. The ‘Ascension’ we are experiencing is in consciousness terms, a shift to enlightenment that is attainable for everyone in this lifetime if you but follow the path.

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