Heavenley Bodies

Look around at people and what do you see? On the surface we’re a veritable cornucopia of diversity. Tall, short, medium; slim, fat, stocky; pale, dark, swarthy; black, white, brown – the list goes on. But these different shapes and colours also serve a very important purpose from a spiritual point of view. Few people realise there are only seven basic types of body and each one plays an important role in spiritual development. Even fewer appreciate that souls often have totally different agendas from one incarnation to the next when it comes to the body they holistically occupy and use to experience the physical world. Just like everything else in this universe, the human personality is subject to the law of cause and effect and by experiencing that law, souls as well as people learn and evolve. So from your soul’s point of view, if you want to fully appreciate what it’s like to be tall and slim then you have to know what it’s like to be short and dumpy. And vice versa! If you want to fully understand what it’s like to be ‘beautiful’ you have to experience what it’s like to be ‘ugly’ – and come to terms with both conditions. After all, aren’t they both in the eye of the beholder? Get the whole story and so much more when you subscribe!

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