Custodians of the Light

Our greatest gift is that of life itself and when we ‘create’ life ourselves we are gifted ten-fold. Whether our children, our light, the purest of energies, come from our flesh or are put in our care, all of us have a duty to nurture and guide them as best as we can. The following contributions look at aspects of their existence in order that we can better understand and facilitate their development and in return balance our own divine energy. We may think that our children are a small version of ourselves. Perhaps through them some aspect of ourselves can continue after death, or we may even urge them to achieve in life what we never achieved.We care and nurture them,and may leave all our wealth to them. But are our children really ours? Psychologist, psychotherapist and reincarnation explorer Andy Tomlinson may have the answers… We know from biological research that DNA, the life print of our physical form, is passed onto our children but there other factors at play. Traditional psychology knows that a child’s personality is significantly shaped by the memories of the events experienced during early childhood events.

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