Category: Shamanism

Shamanic Retreats

In her quest for greater connection, Jini Reddy spends time at three shamanic retreats. Lately synchronicity has been ruling my life. From where I’m now standing it feels as though the minute you are...

Bear Medicine Song

Bear Medicine Song or ‘Mamma Bear’ as she is affectionately known as by her clients, has been involved in the Spiritual Healing/Therapy business for over 25 years and has attained many qualifications during this...

Dudeism: the Mellowness of Being

Dudeism: the Mellowness of Being

Iconic dropout The Dude from cult film The Big Lebowski has inspired the world’s slowest-growing religion. Boston Rockberry takes it real easy at the Dudeists’ ‘Relaxolution Day’ in Edinburgh with the movement’s leader, the...

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