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Bear Medicine Song

Bear Medicine Song or ‘Mamma Bear’ as she is affectionately known as by her clients, has been involved in the Spiritual Healing/Therapy business for over 25 years and has attained many qualifications during this...

Dudeism: the Mellowness of Being

Dudeism: the Mellowness of Being

Iconic dropout The Dude from cult film The Big Lebowski has inspired the world’s slowest-growing religion. Boston Rockberry takes it real easy at the Dudeists’ ‘Relaxolution Day’ in Edinburgh with the movement’s leader, the...

Beautiful Nature Poetry by Jade Kennedy

Beautiful Nature Poetry by Jade Kennedy

  Jade's Poetic Journey  I have always loved writing, ever since I can remember I have loved pens, pencils and paper. It was difficult knowing that all I wanted to do was write but...



Dancing the Rainbow Arwyn DreamWalker has been bringing the Rainbow Dream Dance to the UK and Ireland for 20 years.  Based on the dreamer’s Sundance of Turtle Island, this ceremony offers a chance to...

Going native  SIEDR

Going native SIEDR

Going native The English/Northern European shamanic path called Siedr is alive and well in the British Isles. Runic John gives us an introduction into this mysterious and powerful tradition   Cold the wind that...

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