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Love vs Fear

Life Coach Jo Barnard cautions about the dangers of when fear speaks loudest. There’s no doubt about it; we are complex creatures. We have been blessed with these incredible minds that allow us to...


Mindful Work

Author Rob Kendall explains how mindfulness can transform your productivity and relationships at work There’s an old Zen story about a man and a horse. The horse came galloping through a village and its...


Chinese Art

Saffron de Menezes discovers spirituality in the art of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy. Apple Yang is a Chinese born, UK based artist, choreographer and dancer. Upon meeting her I was immediately fascinated by her...


Perfect As You Are

What if you discovered you already have and are all you were looking for, that nothing about you or your life needed to change? Balanced View training brought Michelle Dibb to this point. What...



We can use our energy creatively or destructively. So how can we ensure our actions don’t cause more harm than good asks Tanishka. Energy follows intent, so if we want to ensure we create...

sound healing

Sound Effects

Lyz Cooper explores the benefits of Therapeutic Sound for Health and Wellbeing. Cast your mind back to the last time a sound affected you positively – can you remember what it was and how...


Modern Paganism

Chris Stone discusses secular paganism: a new pagan manifesto. Paganism is not a religion. Paganism is to religion as anarchism is to politics. It is anti-religion. It is the opposite of religion. It is...

mental health

It’s a Mad, Mad World

Nick Parkins investigates whether the rise in mental health disorders implies an advance in clinical diagnosis, or could there be more to it. ‘They called me mad, and I called them mad, and damn...

A photo by Dustin Scarpitti.

Entering Different Realities

Trish Cormack explains the benefits of shamanic journeying. This article first appeared in Kindred Spirit, Summer Special, Issue 145. Shamanism is the world’s oldest spiritual, practical and healing practice, with roots in every culture,...

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