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Get your dreams out of the attic now, please!

There was a time when I thought I was too busy with other responsibilities to find time to focus on myself, until I started developing constipation and other health issues. Now that my health...

SERVICE TO OTHERS  and its importance to 10:10

SERVICE TO OTHERS and its importance to 10:10

  We are moving into a special time on Earth.  On the 10th October 2013 (10:10) Earth will be linked to a massive new multidimensional intergalactic Light Matrix that connects many planets in many...

Metatronic Healing

This powerful new-frequency therapy both heals and raises vibratory levels, reports Rachel Hindle As the global changes in frequency quicken their pace, modern-day energy healing hits many levels, from physical and spiritual, to mental...

Young, Gifted and Angelic

Young, Gifted and Angelic

For years, internationally respected Reiki Master, Gaetano Vivo has been integrating universal energy in his work to bring peace and health to thousands of clients and students alike. Then in recent years, he began...

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