Bridging the Gap in Our Lives

by Gabriel Magma

If I had to state which is the most valuable lesson for the reader of Loser on Earth Winner in Heaven, I would say that it is about a shift in perspective about life – from the physical view to the soul’s view.

Let me be very clear about this: if we managed to adopt our soul’s perspective, our lives would just be bliss. Why? Because we would know why we came here, we would know where we are heading afterwards, we would know to what we committed in this life and we would understand the reason for everything that is happening to us.

Actually, we would know that nothing happens to us, but for us, since we would be aware that this realm exists just to provide us with an amazing learning experience.

Moreover, we would truly appreciate every single aspect of life, because we would be aware of the majesty of the display in which we are living.

That is an important part of the journey of discovery of the stories central character, Matt, who meets his guide, then his soul and finally, his spirit.

Nevertheless, adopting our soul’s perspective would make some people’s lives less exciting. Because for those who believe that no risk means no fun, life could be perceived as more dull, since we would actually know that nothing that hurts our character on earth has more consequences than a bad dream.


Loser on Earth, Winner in Heaven by Gabriel Magma

But for the rest of us – who like excitement without actual risk, such as the one we get in movie theaters or rollercoasters – our lives would feel much closer to watching a film or taking a ride on an amusement park.

Then, knowing our soul’s perspective is all we need to five a blissful life? Unfortunately not!

In Loser on Earth winner in Heaven, right after Matt dies, he learns the reasons behind his incarnation, his apparent failures and mishaps – including his rough death. But even though he now realizes that all of these circumstances make perfect sense, he still feels the gap between his and his soul’s perspective, because he believes it is unfair to make us experience such difficult events and circumstances without letting us know the actual reasons behind them.

Thus in the novel as well as in our lives, though understanding our soul’s perspective is a huge help to accept many of our limitations, in the end it all comes down to this: overcoming the separation from our soul.

I won’t spoil Matt’s epiphany and decision at the end of the novel, but as to our lives, how could we become more aware and actually feel that we are part of our souls?

As any spiritual seeker knows, there is no instantaneous solution to drop our false identification, but many small steps that help us move away from our limited perspective, such as:

  • Tasting the self beyond the mind. We can achieve this through many different means such as meditation, hypnotic regression, astral projection or any other way to experience an altered state of consciousness. In case these options make fear arise, something as down to earth as mindfulness is also a bridge to an expanded self.
  • Questioning the false and unexamined beliefs that make us identify with such a limited part of ourselves.
  • Reading the works of those who have achieved enlightenment. When we read them we discover a part of us that resonates with them and thus becomes more present in us.
  • Doing any therapy that helps us accept ourselves. Since “rejection is the ultimate glue”, if we want to drop our limited self, we first need to learn to accept it fully. Any therapy that helps us truly make peace with our past, present and future, with our mind and body is most welcome.
  • Avoiding the prevailing messages of our media, which tend to increase the fears and desires of our small selves that keep us identified with them.
  • Joining the company of other seekers. Our common interest allows us to gain strength in our practices and efforts to resist the influence of the prevailing limiting beliefs.
  • Doing whatever lifts us up. When we change our material priorities, it becomes easier for us to find the time to do the simple things that we just enjoy doing –not those which are only a means to do anything else- such as dancing, playing, laughing, singing, enjoying each other’s company, listening to music, etc. These joyful and creative activities make room in us for our more joyful and creative self, which is no other than our soul.


    Gabiel Magma

Doing this, we may seem losers on earth to others, but we will just feel as winners entering heaven.

About the author: Gabiel Magma, MFA and Ph.D in Communication, lives in Madrid, where he facilitates personal growth workshops. As a screenwriting professor, he masters the art of conveying abstract spiritual contents in simple and captivating stories. Gabiel Magma is the author of  Loser on Earth, Winner in Heaven – unveiling the mysteries of incarnation.




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