Beyond the Bush – The Paradox of Zen

Just 50 minutes by plane from Nairobi and we (a party of four South Africans, two Americans and a British family of four – all members of the African Geographic expedition) found urselves in an animal paradise, a place of endless space and beauty, a place where one can leave behind all worldly cares and submerge oneself in the unfolding of daily life in the African bush. Dr Sibis Mouton, surrounded by more animals than she had ever seen before, recalls the spiritual insights she experienced on this most ancient of continents On our very first morning in the Masai Mara Reserve I had a complete Zen moment of awareness; the air was fresh, there was dew on the ground and as far as the eye could see, we were totally surrounded by thousands of wildebeest. On the second morning it was atableau of zebras – at least a thousand of them – on both sides of the jeep track, spread out in the bush, well camouflaged in the tall yellow grass despite their white and black pyjama stripes. The tall Masai people, to whom the Reserve belongs, don’t eat wild animals – they only eat their own cattle and fowl. Consequently the animals are relaxed and totally at ease.

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