Alla’s Instant Retreat


Alla’s Instant Retreat

With such a massive waiting list, it is hard for the average Joe to get an appointment with international healer, Alla Svirinskaya. So she’s created a retreat to enable a wider audience to access her healing. A series of three meditations, guided by Alla’s reassuring voice, this audio retreat aims to give you ‘instant change’ and ‘lasting benefits’. The three meditations build on each other so the first step is a 16 minute Release meditation, the second step is a 29 minute Rebalance one and the third and final step is a 12 minute Rejoice meditation. I listened to the whole CD once a week for six weeks. This created significant changes in my dealings with others. An ex-boyfriend I had been pining over simply lost that emotional hold over me (possibly due to the cord-cutting exercise in the Release part of the meditations) and I found myself much more able to deal with everyday work stress. People started asking me if I’d had my hair done or lost weight as I looked so much happier and brighter. I don’t know  how ‘instant’ six weeks is but I know that I felt better from the first listen so I’d highly recommend this audio programme. Maryam Shah

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